Saturday, December 25, 2004


The mess hall here really went all out to put out a good spread for Christmas. They even had Rappin' Reindeer, which wasn't exactly my style, but, hey, it's the thought that counts. After the blast in Mosul, security was tight getting in, but the wait was worth it. Thought you might want to see some pictures from the Mess Hall. This ain't your father's mess hall....

Now about Christmas eve - we had a litle party at the office where everybody drew numbers for a gift. Granted, the shopping opportunities here were a little limited, but everyone was pleased with their trinkets and we had a good time. About 30 minutes afterwards, while we're all basking in the spirit of Christmas cheer (since they won't let you have any other spirits here), we heard a bodacious (that's LOUD, for you not familiar with that military term)boom outside the building, and realized our Muslim brethren were helping us celebrate our holy day with fireworks. They're so damned thoughtful that way. While we were outside, we heard a gunfight cranking up in the direction of the post exit onto Route Irish. One of the FNG's, Young Billy, thought it might be a range. We pointed out that even the Army wasn't Scroogeish enough to run a range on Christmas Eve, and besides, the volume of fire was much too intense. Then we started seeing the tracers arcing out into the air. We all grabbed up a cup of hot coffee and crowded outside to watch the fireworks, which lasted for about 15 minutes.

Ha! Bet your Christmas didn't have that, huh?

(If you don't see any pictures, it's because my able assistant, Igor, hasn't gotten around to posting them yet. We have to do an end-around because the Army server won't let me post photos directly.)

They gave us real silverware for the occasion!

The Dessert Table -

Our Christmas Cabana -


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